Monday, April 2, 2007

What makes a Record Day?

Had a pretty busy day today. Apparently enough runs to make for a record day.

What makes a record breaking day:

76.2 Gear Inches on the Fixed Gear
31.21 Miles
7 runs for the day
4 were done between 1015 and 1115
3 multiple zone runs
2 trips on the Trinity Trails
1 bottle of sport "Pickle Juice" (my system is still reeling from the shock of it!)

Of course my two favorite events of the day...

Blowing my Storm Whistle at a Police car that encroached upon my lane- he immediately shifted over and gave me plenty of space. Saying this whistle is loud is an understatement!

And the number one event that made my day...

A guy outside the Bombay HQ building that asked me if my document tube was a pipe bomb! He was serious too!

Finally, what does a record day look like???


So sayeth the Golden boy...


Whistler said...

Geez, what a day take off. Oh well, glad you had a fun time Hasty!

Bicycle Repairman / Shaggy said...

Sounds fun, I like the cop incident... GRIN

Bernie said...

If Hasty could compliment himself, he would say "STRONG WORK!"

Bicycle Repairman / Shaggy said...

Also, if it WAS a pipebomb, did he think you'd TELL him?
Gotta wonder about people...