Tuesday, April 24, 2007

PCB: Commerce and Advocacy Can Go Hand in Hand

I'd be willing to put money on the odds that Panther City's the only bicycle messenger service that was being dispatched from the state capital in Austin on Texas Bike Lobby Day this monday. Bernie went down to "represent" on behalf of all of us here in Fort Party Worth asking Texas lawmakers to consider cyclists in bills supporting safe passing, safe routes to schools for kids who bike, and general cycling-friendly transportation enhancements. So tell Bernie "thanks" and support Panther City Bicycles because they support all of us!
It was a pretty slow monday though, which is probably good so Bernd didn't have to take a bunch of calls while in Austin. I kept busy in between runs helping Jason hook up an air compressor hose for the repair stand, doing a tube change, and enjoying some Palermo's Pizza and Rahr Blonde...so no complaints here.

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