Friday, April 20, 2007

Bicycle Gloves Product Review


So I'm one of those people that's hard on gloves. No, really. I mean brutal with them. I can wear out a pair of fancypants gloves in about a month or so (and I have, many times over). I don't know why this is the case, it's not like I'm dragging my hands along the streets as I cruise along. I just happen to be one of those people that wear out the palms of gloves very fast.

With that in mind, Bernie told me he found some gloves with leather palms that just might last a little longer. I told him to order them up and let me know when they come in.

About two weeks later (March 9) I happened to be at the shop when they arrived. I remember this date because we were headed out to see the movie 300 and I was worried that Jason was going to leave without me (let's just say that I'm not real quick at doing bike repairs under pressure).

The gloves are the Planet Bike Taurus. They retail for around $20.00 and have a leather palm, crochet back, and the terry cloth thumb for wiping the brow. At first they were a bit stiff, but broke in quickly enough. Very comfortable, and don't suffer from too much padding. Also, a cool factor here... there is a section of the palm that is Kevlar. This is great for little things like; running your hand across the top of the tire to clear out any thorns and glass bits, or keeping your skin intact in the event of a fall.

I have to say that these gloves still look like they did when I got them. The leather may have stretched a bit, but they are still comfortable. More importantly... they are still intact. While 6 weeks might seem a bit premature to do a glove review, you would appreciate it more if you could see how my other gloves have fared in the same amount of time. Plus, I ride quite a bit and wear these gloves just about every day.

I'll keep you up to date on the lifespan of these gloves and periodically post pics of their condition.

If you need a tough pair of gloves that will last, and you don't mind the old school look of crochet gloves, these could be the gloves for you. Give 'em a try and don't let the idea of spending $20.00 scare you away from crochet gloves. The lifespan of these gloves will probably save you some money in the long run.

I don't think Bernie is stocking them as of yet though, as I think he was waiting to see how quickly I tore through them.


Bernie said...

They'll be in stock this Thursday... these results are enough for me!

Jonathan said...

If you want some serious longevity you could check out sailing gloves from Gill. They're designed to resist major rope burn so I'm sure they can handle anything a grip can throw at them. Not sure how bike gloves and sailing gloves differ, but it could be worth a shot.

FatAnimalClub said...

Researching some gloves and was curious how these have held up? The crochet/leather palm intrigues me in styling and in the longevity that leather palms seem to have.