Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Bernie's theory was that the weather was so nice people were just taking their packages themselves to get out of the office, but whatever the reason, I didn't make a single pick up or drop yesterday. A day at PCB can hardly be considered bad though, it was still fun hanging out talking bikes, working on a couple of bikes and riding to and from.
Speaking of, Atticus was up at the shop replacing his skid worn rear tire and since we both stay in the same 'hood - he decided to wait and ride home with me. I'm thinking, "That'll be cool, a leisurely ride home, chatting on the way." What I got instead was a) a realization that I too am an OLD ASS, b) a realization that Atticus is insane, c) a realization why Atticus rides brakeless. We started off for home and Atticus whips down the street leaving me in the dust, but I think to myself, "I'll catch up at the light." Well, no such luck, because (what is Atticus's nickname??? - I vote for 'Finch') he instead takes a left up the wrong direction and merges into traffic coming up 8th. I tried to follow and he waited for me at the top of the hill. Then it was off down Zoo hill where I tried to tail him close, but he kept throwing me off skidding and dodging all the potholes with erratic turns. Then came the realization why he rides brakeless...the son of a gun NEVER STOPS for ANYTHING. I followed him up University pedaling my wuss 44/18 combo like mad to keep up with his 48/16, we cut between lanes of traffic to the intersection (which is no problem but that's about the extent of my "daring" city skills), but then he keeps going full tilt through the red light with traffic coming in from the right and he looks back and gives me the "it's clear" wave to come on through. It's NOT CLEAR though, you can't do the wave if it's not really clear! Anyway, I'm still spinning away (Improving my pedal stroke though, according to Bernie) and Finch starts riding with no hands to answer his cell phone.
So instead of my leisurely ride, I got to sweat a lot, partially out of pedaling so fast and partially out of sheer terror. I have to admit it was a lot of fun though, thanks Finch (or whatever the guys are calling you).


Hasty! said...

Ha Ha... you're old.

So I'm guessing you had a good experience with spinning?

Bernie said...

I don't know about Atticus' nickname... it's hard to give guy with a name like Atticus a nickname. His name's just too cool to start with.

Michael said...

Man, I didn't get to witness Atticus' skills at the alleycat. Maybe we can have an "Atticus Exhibition".

Jason said...

Atticus O Atticus

Atticus Finch