Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sub-sti-tute (Sing it like the WHO song)

SInce Jason is out of town, I gave up my messenger day to help Bernie around the shop and got the Shagster to cover for me. Turned out to be pretty unnecessary though since the only run we had for him was to go get our burger and gyro from Paul's. Shaggy spent most of the day out on his bike though and probably covered more miles than I do when I have a bunch of runs. It's good to be around folks like that who just love riding. Thanks man, sorry it was so dead.

1 comment:

Bicycle Repairman / Shaggy said...

No problem!
Like you said, I just love to ride my bike...
and it was nice to be able to just poke around and ride down alleys, and just LOOK.