Friday, May 18, 2007

busy day today.
got to the shop early so shaggy and me could look pretty for a photo essay.
I think we did a pretty swell job.
did a couple runs, staged some shots. cool stuff.
RJ the photojournalist kept up pretty good on his singlespeed.
you better looks for us in the star telegram.
back at the shop I got to take care of some merch, and learn the mystical secrets of bicycle repair.
finally I got to wash it all down with the always delicious rahr stormcloud IPA.

cant wait to do it all over again.


Whistler said...

Sweet - a photoshoot. I'm jealous. Totally urban fashionista!

Bicycle Repairman / Shaggy said...

Hey, I resemble that remark!
Yeah, it's kinda odd, for sure, but fun.

Jason said...

Ya'll keep an I out and let me know when the article comes out. or whatever.