Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Whistler: Race Horse or Bicycle Messenger?

"Whistler! That's it! It even sounds fast!," Jason said to me with much excitement. Yeah it does sound like a good fast name... for a horse. "Come on Whistler! Just pull this one out for me Whistler! Daddy needs a new crankset!" Unfortunately, the nickname was not bestowed upon me to applaud my quickness upon my two-wheeled steed. No, this would stem from the fact that I tend to whistle (consciously or otherwise) any tune that I am listening to or have stuck in my head, whether or not the music lends itself to a good whistle. I'm not sure when I developed this habit, but I think it's somewhat recently because my wife has let me know on several occasions as of late that she too is tiring of my improvisational contributions to the music on the stereo or riding in the car.
Despite its equine nature, the name seemed to click with everyone and I'm not one to argue. Plus, there's something inherently wrong with coming up with a nickname for yourself, so "Whistler" it is. Now let's see here, "Shaggy, Hasty and Whistler." I'm beginning to wonder if Jason and Bernie were wanting a team of part-time couriers or just some animals to have around the shop. Perhaps they're getting a bit of both whether they want to or not.


Bicycle Repairman said...

Welcome to the herd!
Shaggy, out.

Hasty! said...

Well, at least it would be easy to pick the Trifecta.