Tuesday, November 20, 2007

MAN DOWN! (but only for a little while)

On his first run yesterday, Shaggy called me and said the words a dispatcher hates to hear... "I'm down."

I sent Brian to pick him and his bike up, because it sounded like they were both pretty damaged.

His thumb was cut pretty badly; it was pretty gnarly... looked kind of like Pac Man:

His front wheel looked like a pringle:

And he cracked his helmet:

But after getting a ride home for a wound cleaning, a bike change, and a new helmet, he finished all his runs for the day.

Don't mess with our couriers... they're tough.


Michael said...

Dang Shaggy! I hope there weren't any lasting effects. Way to finish out the day.

Any details on what happened?

Bernie said...

One of those orange construction barrels was just standing there, and he hit it.

The day before it was the barriers in the cyclocross race... for some reason the stationary objects have it out for the Shagster lately.

Bicycle Repairman / Shaggy said...

That's what happens when you're trying to cut it close to the edge, sometimes you fall off.

But in both instances I did get back up and finish well.

The thumb is looking a lot better, the concussion is basically done with, and I've got the stuff together to build the new front wheel.

Note to self: leave a little more room around immovable objects.

But if you knock them down, are they REALLY immovable?